Monday, October 31, 2011

What the heck is this?

Can anyone tell me what bird these wings are from? I received these with some fly tying materials 30 years ago when I started fly fishing growing up back in New Jersey. I've never used these feathers but I'd sure love to know what they are. Can anyone solve the mystery?


  1. Not sure what spiece, but it is waterfowl (duck)

  2. Thanks David. That sounds better than my best guess of Blue Jay! The wings are small (7" long) so I thought it was a little bird. I'll have to pull some feathers off and see what I can tie with it.

  3. Matt,

    Absolutely, those are male cinnamon teal. I searched my extensive waterfowl skin/wing and upland bird collection (I'm a serious soft hackle fan when I must fish for trout,)and the only thing that comes close that I found were various pigeons, you know how multicolored those are. I use the smallest covert feathers on the shoulder for tiny soft hackles on this bird to realistically #20, but as small as #24. A rare bird for the fly tyer but I am very certain.


  4. Thanks Gregg, I appreciate it. I'll check out what i can use it for. Haven't wanted to pull it apart yet for feathers until I knew what it was.