Sunday, October 23, 2011

Review: Monic Clear Fly Line

I bought the All-Weather Clear Floating Fly Line in a 6 weight from the Monic web site after researching clear fly lines and reading some reviews. All the reviews I'd found on it were positive. I've used this line now in warm-ish ponds as well as in waters down to the low 50s in rivers. Here's my summary.

  • The line is clear, although kind of cloudy clear, since it is obviously thicker than a mono line, but definitely less visible in the air and/or water than any fly line I've seen. I haven't gotten in the water to see if it presents a significantly smaller silhouette from below so I'll try that in the future.
  • It casts well, and has low memory, although not as low as regular fly line. It feels a little stiffer and has a bit more memory than regular fly line, so it retains a few more coils but not enough that it was a problem for me. Cold water appeared to have no effect on the line performance.
  • The only negative I found, and it's a very small one, is that the line is a bit less slick than other fly lines I've used, so it shoots a bit less. It's not quite as nice as the Scientific Angler's Mastery GPX in slickness and shooting. However, I need to update this once I dress the Monic line with some fly line dressing. I haven't done that since I bought it over a year ago.
  • It's got a pretty standard weight forward taper that casts well. It felt slightly heavier than my 6 weight Rio Mainstream Trout WF6F I have and it casts farther than that line. I like the taper.
  • The line is of course harder to see on the water but it wasn't an issue for me at all. I think any decent fisherman with average vision should be able to tell where his fly and line are just from the angle of exit from his rod and his knowledge of currents and presentation. The line was still plenty easy to see at 40 feet away or less, where 95.643% of all fishing takes place.
I'd buy this line again.

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