Sunday, October 23, 2011

Review: The Underwater World of Trout

There are 3 DVDs in this set:

The Underwater World of Trout Volume 1: Discovery

The Underwater World of Trout Volume 2: Feeding Lies

The Underwater World of Trout Volume 3: Trout Vision and Refraction

I've only watched "Discovery" and "Feeding Lies".
These are two excellent DVDs because they are about 95% underwater footage of trout. I find that any trout educational materials that provide underwater footage of insect or trout behavior and feeding are invaluable. That kind of knowledge is hard to pick up via experience unless you get in the river with mask and snorkel yourself.

"Discovery" covers Trout behavior and habitat in a general sense. It's entertaining and informative, allowing us to see bits and pieces of how trout operate underwater. It shows trout spawning, fighting, resting, swimming, and feeding.

I enjoyed "Discovery" but "Feeding Lies" was a bit more directly relevant to me because, of course, it showed where and how trout feed. It shows where they hold, what kind of water they prefer to feed in, what they're picking out of the water, etc. That in itself was a lot of useful information.

The single biggest takeaway I got from both videos was how water that was very shallow and/or very fast, and looked fishless from the surface, held so many fish in active feeding mode. Fish are happier in faster water than we think, and seem to spend a lot of time there. Fish in slower water tend to be resting more and feeding less. I'm going to fish the fast, shallow water that I used to pass up.

I'm definitely going to check out "Trout Vision & Refraction" soon. I'm really curious about this subject.

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