Tuesday, October 25, 2011

No cell signal in the boonies? No problemo.

Well, I went to the Klamath this fall to fish.The cabin we were in was about 40 road miles from a cell signal. My friends, at whose cabin I was staying, had a gizmo that they had used to make calls from way out in the sticks. It was this cell phone signal booster.

We were able to use it to make calls back home. It consists of a main unit that you plug into the wall or cancer stick lighter. This was connected via a long cable to a foot-tall antenna to pick up the cell signal. The other part of the unit was a cable connection to a little handset cradle that picked up your phone's signal. Using this combo we were able to make calls from bumfudge nowhere. I'm going to pick one up next year before my future trips so I can stay in touch with the wife and babies when I'm driving out in the boonies somewhere. Very cool.

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