Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tying the "Double" Davy knot

The "double" Davy knot is my favorite non-loop knot, and it's second only to the non-slip mono loop in strength for fly fishing tippet to fly knots. For more info on knot strength and the testing I performed, see my previous post. I call the knot the "extra-turn" Davy knot there, but I think "Double Davy" is a better name.

Here are pics on how to tie it. My previous post mentions this, but it's important to snug the knot mostly tight from both ends but then to pull only the standing end to finish tightening it. You'll hear and feel a little click when it's tightened properly.


  1. Hi,

    My Davy knots slip every time on larger flies (~size 14 or larger) even if I use your Double Davy. Do you have any tips for larger hooks?

  2. Hey Perk,
    I have found the Double Davy you used to be less slip prone than the single and I have used it down to size 6 hooks with no slippage ever. I have also used it to tie tippet to the hook bend of a size 6 stonefly with no probs. I have seen it slip when teaching it to others though. The only advice I have is to watch how you do the tightening. I hold the tag end and pull the standing end, making sure the whole thing is wet. Make sure it tightens with a little click at the end. If you tighten it by pulling the tag end it can slip when it later gets pulled from the standing end. A bunch of test runs on the couch may give you an idea of what works and what doesn't. My hunch is that larger line diameter as well as hook wire may make this knot slightly less strong but it should work for most flyfishing size tackle. All my testing of this know was done on size 8 hooks, which I should have stated in my test setup. Hope this helps.

  3. Matt,

    Your description is one of the two ways to form the DD. The second way l do it is to form the first or second turn twice in the same direction.
    So you go over and under and then go around that leg again before the cross over to the reverse.

    Davy Wotton.

  4. Thanks for the tip Davy! One of these days I'll have to see which variation is strongest. Thank you for creating a great knot! Small, easy, and strong!

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  7. from DW: "The second way l do it is to form the first or second turn twice in the same direction.
    So you go over and under and then go around that leg again before the cross over to the reverse."

    A clear, well-contrasted DRAWING would do wonders.
    Picture = 1,000 words.

  8. Looking at the geography of the knot, I'd expect the one described here to be stronger than the alternative that Davy's offering. The loops in the knot make a snugger fit, it seems. So much for theory - would be great to test and see which one of the 2 'double davy's' is stronger.

  9. I've experimented with the double dating knot and, along with other people. I've found that positioning the tag end seems to be problem in tying the knot. A big improvement is passing the tag end through the loop like a improved clinch knot. This results in holding the tag end in the position it should be in while tightening the knot

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