Thursday, October 20, 2011

Psyllium is the sh*@, so to speak

This post is a bit graphic as to body functions so please stop reading if you don't want to hear about my intestinal adventures. I'm writing this in the hope that it helps someone.

Well, I went on a boy's fishing trip for a week, and you know what that means...lots of good food, but, at least in my case, very little fiber. Just meat, eggs, carbs, and dessert. Decadent, but a bit different from my usual Paleo way of eating. So, to make a long story short, I was a little backed up after the trip, which has never happened to me before. So, I read up on cleanses, etc, but they all seemed like scams, so I just bought some Psyllium called "Secrets of the Psyllium" at Trader Joe's and took that for 3 days. It's not a laxative, it just lubes the pipes. On day two I had a poo-gasm. Just came out easy, no diarrhea or anything. Just lots of firm-ish, somewhat intestinally shaped stuff. Came out like it was wrapped in saran wrap. Clean and easy. Psyllium is very cool. Just add half a glass of water to a few tablespoons and drink it IMMEDIATELY before it expands. It expands in your bowels and coats and lubes up what's in there.


  1. but doesnt it thicken. and isnt it hard for you to swallow after stirring it up? i just got some today and had a ten ounces glass of water with 1 table spoon and i couldnt swallow anymore after the fourth sip. how were u able to swallow it?

  2. hey rikki, that's why it is easier to drink it IMMEDIATELY after stirring. Before it thickens.